Team REPSG Competes in the Penn Relays

Team REPSG’s Distance Medley Team successfully competed in the corporate Distance Medley at the 112th Penn Relays. Team REPSG’s effort boldly eclipsed all corporate teams with less than 20,000 employees!

Anchored by Missy Ritter, running the 1600 meter leg, Team REPSG delighted the record crowd of 39,943, by fielding a team comprised of three female athletes competing against the male dominated teams of large corporate America.

Team REPSG posted a team best time in running a flawless race. The single male and masters runner, our president Jon Buzan, set the pace for the effort, opening with an impressive finish in the 1200m leg, sending Michelle “Marathon” Flowers off and away with a crafty baton exchange in traffic. Much to the surprise of the crowd, the ever ebullient Flowers bubbled her way to a personal best of 1:15 in the 400m, before yielding the baton to Kristina Cossaboon. Nary an entrant dared block the path of the arm churning, long striding gait of Cossaboon, lest they be dispatched to the synthetic track below.

As the final leg neared, Ritter ignored the legacy of the other, all male 1600m runners, including former scholarship runners from Villanova, Arkansas, TCU and Texas Tech among others. Staying on task, the Team Green anchor, ran consecutively improving splits, finishing stronger than she’d begun. As she crossed the finish line, another great day of athletic competition closed at the world’s largest track and field carnival.

Earlier in the day, the LSU men had run the Distance Medley in 9:41.76. The Corporate Distance Medley winner, XON, posted a winning time of 10:33, breaking the previous years mark.