Team REPSG Competes in the 2008 Penn Relays

Team REPSG’s Distance Medley Team successfully competed in and completed (for the second time!) the corporate Distance Medley at the 114th Penn Relays.

Adam Rose, a soccer player with no track experience, ran the 1200-meter opening leg of the medley. He bolted from the blocks, taking an early lead, resulting in the announcer calling: “leading through the first turn, in first place REPSG”! At which point the REPSG cheering section went appropriately crazy, and the Channel Ten News Team took notice (please see the video below).

After facing down death during his second lap, Rose rallied through his third and forwarded the baton to Jenny Reynolds who used her uniquely fashioned gait to circumnavigate the oval for the 400-meter, in very long bounding strides.

She finished strong and made a flawless exchange of the baton to Jim Swiniuch, a late (last day) substitute for Jon Buzan. Swiniuch, overcoming all odds ran a steady 800-meter. After his stalwart, workmanlike performance, he yielded the baton to Mark Kuczynski.

Mark showed that he belonged on the field as he set out on pace to bring REPSG – AKA Team Green – to a fine finish. His splits dropped each lap (we threw out that third lap as a courtesy) and he strode his Relay team across the tape with a strong close, resulting in a solid placing on the chart.

All in all, at the World’s largest track and field carnival, the runners performed well and deserve our appreciation and respect.

Well done!

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One final Editor’s note, with a relay team comprised of 13% of their workforce Team Green must surely be considered an overwhelming underdog, taking on teams from companies with hundreds of thousands of employees (GE, ATT etc). Beware Goliath, we know where you run!