REPSG Part of Community Revitalization Effort

LaSalle University has its first grocery store in 40 years thanks to Moreland Development. The Shoppes at LaSalle is anchored by a Fresh Grocer and is estimated to provide more than 250 jobs. The project was supported, in part, by the Pennsylvania Fresh Foods Financing Initiative.

Just a decade ago, a national study showed that Philadelphia had the second lowest number of supermarkets per capita of major cities in the United States. Lack of food access was particularly severe in low-income neighborhoods and was linked to high rates of diet-related diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

REPSG is proud to be part of the project team and support our longtime client, Moreland Development. One half of the development team, Eric Seidman, is pictured here. For more information about REPSG’s participation in community redevelopment, brownfields, or for information about grants and funding sources available for brownfields redevelopment and environmental cleanups please contact us at