Mark Kuczynski, PA & NJ Tank Closure Certified

REPSG is happy to announce that Project Manager Mark Kuczynski has obtained certification for underground storage tank (UST) removal for the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Certified storage tank closure is one of the many services that REPSG provides. The first type of storage tank that REPSG services is an aboveground storage tank (AST) which is used for containing regulated substances that are either hazardous or are a petroleum product. Aboveground storage tanks are defined as having 10% or less of the tank volume underground. The other type of tank which is most relevant to this discussion is an underground storage tank (UST). An underground storage tank is different in the fact that only 10% or more of the volume has to be underground for it to be considered a UST. USTs must be registered, permitted, and have all associated fees paid in order to be in operation. It also must be installed, maintained, and operated in regards to standards set by governmental officials. When USTs are damaged or no longer necessary they need to be properly closed in place or removed. According to EPA data there are approximately 566,000 USTs nationwide. The biggest threat when USTs are not maintained is their potential to leak their contents into groundwater and the neighboring soil. Over a third of all Americans depend on groundwater as their main drinking supply. If the majority of these USTs are faulty or are not regulated properly, the potential outcome is severe to humans, wildlife, and the environment.

In New Jersey and Pennsylvania one must be certified in order to remove an underground storage tank. In order to become certified in New Jersey one must have a minimum of two years of experience performing closures with at least five closures within each of those years or nine months of experience participating in at least 25 closures within that nine month period. One must then also complete a 40-hour health and safety training course. In Pennsylvania one becomes certified by having two years of experience or a college degree and one year of technical training that includes at least six removals.

It is necessary for a company such as REPSG to have certified tank closure personnel for various reasons. There is clearly a financial benefit to having a certified individual in house instead of contracting another company. Mr. Kuczynski can schedule and provide his own estimates for jobs instead of working through a third party. However the most important reason is that when tricky or dangerous removals and cleanups arise REPSG field personnel will have a direct contact to help mediate the situation. This provides better communication and a smoother operation for all involved, client and company alike.

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Ted Mosher & James Romanchek, Council-certified Microbial Consultants

REPSG is happy to announce that Project Managers Ted Mosher and James Romanchek have received the certification of Council-certified Microbial Consultant (CMC) by the American Council for Accredited Certification.

This industry certification is one of the most prominent for mold consultants and inspectors like Paul Davis. Ted and James will use their expertise to strengthen our mold abatement services. The presence of mold is a serious occupational health and safety issue as mold can have numerous effects on one’s health. Mold can be found anywhere that moisture is present, that’s why is important to keep your house remodeled and clean, click this site to learn more. Spores are produced due to mold reproduction and are then released into the atmosphere. The inhalation of spores over time or of specific types can cause adverse health effects such as asthma, allergies, and respiratory issues. Our mold abatement service helps to decrease the risk of incurring mold related symptoms and concerns. Ted, James, and the rest of our Due Diligence staff have the proper experience and tools necessary to assess potentially hazardous samples. Flood damage and a restoration service are also provided.

In order to obtain this worldwide recognized accreditation one must have extensive training. Applicants must complete one of the following requirements: a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in a related field of science with a minimum of four years of field experience that includes documented microbial sampling; a two-year degree (or equivalent) in a related field of science with at least six years of documented experience in microbial sampling; or no post-secondary degree (high school diploma or GED required) and at least eight years of microbial sampling consulting experience. In addition to one’s academic and field achievements one must also pass a rigorous exam that includes many areas of microbiology. The certification must also be renewed every two years with evidence that one has been continuing their education and performing relevant field work adding to at least forty hours within the two year span.

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