Ted Mosher & James Romanchek, Council-certified Microbial Consultants

REPSG is happy to announce that Project Managers Ted Mosher and James Romanchek have received the certification of Council-certified Microbial Consultant (CMC) by the American Council for Accredited Certification.

This industry certification is one of the most prominent for mold consultants and inspectors like Paul Davis. Ted and James will use their expertise to strengthen our mold abatement services. The presence of mold is a serious occupational health and safety issue as mold can have numerous effects on one’s health. Mold can be found anywhere that moisture is present, that’s why is important to keep your house remodeled and clean, click this site to learn more. Spores are produced due to mold reproduction and are then released into the atmosphere. The inhalation of spores over time or of specific types can cause adverse health effects such as asthma, allergies, and respiratory issues. Our mold abatement service helps to decrease the risk of incurring mold related symptoms and concerns. Ted, James, and the rest of our Due Diligence staff have the proper experience and tools necessary to assess potentially hazardous samples. Flood damage and a restoration service are also provided.

In order to obtain this worldwide recognized accreditation one must have extensive training. Applicants must complete one of the following requirements: a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in a related field of science with a minimum of four years of field experience that includes documented microbial sampling; a two-year degree (or equivalent) in a related field of science with at least six years of documented experience in microbial sampling; or no post-secondary degree (high school diploma or GED required) and at least eight years of microbial sampling consulting experience. In addition to one’s academic and field achievements one must also pass a rigorous exam that includes many areas of microbiology. The certification must also be renewed every two years with evidence that one has been continuing their education and performing relevant field work adding to at least forty hours within the two year span.

REPSG is here to help! If you feel it is necessary to perform mold abatement on your site please contact us by commenting below or submitting an information request via our Contact section.

For more information on CMC requirements please visit: http://www.acac.org/forms/applications/cmcdescription.pdf

For more information on molds, potential risks, and removal please visit: http://www.epa.gov/mold

Welcome to Our New Blog!



Today, the launch of this blog represents a complete transformation of the original company. With our accumulated skills and experienced homegrown staff,  we consider ourselves a  dominant turn-key environmental compliance services company for large, medium and small companies in the region in and surrounding Philadelphia providing peace of mind in uncertain situations and transforming precarious environmental issues into predictable possibilities.

I am honored to have such a smart, knowledgeable and energetic staff that is willing and able to provide valuable stories, updates and insights regarding the so-called mysterious world of environmental regulatory compliance. This blog is mainly for our customers to give them an edge on what’s happening in an ever changing regulatory climate. We also welcome those who are just browsing to join in on the conversations that dominate our days. The conversations will likely focus on the black, the grey and the white of environmental regulations, remediation and compliance.

We will zero in on issues that impact environmental compliance on real estate –specifically regarding soil, groundwater, and indoor air quality. Hopefully there will be something that catches your interest or directly relates to your past, current or future experience. Our staff has diverse backgrounds and experience so we will try to explore every facet of our business. We will also look to explore and discuss the perils of our customers businesses such as real estate development, management, banking, general contracting, or specific industries like oil, transportation or manufacturing.

In 1981, my partner, Jerry Naples started a company to address new environmental regulations.  In 1989, Jerry “walked the walk” and purchased a 60-year old local oil terminal in southwest Philadelphia, which we cleaned up and still call home. By the early 1990s, the company evolved into an important spill response contractor for major transportation and oil companies; which was sometimes lucrative, but was also harrowing and hectic, to say the least.  At the same time, we began to understand the maturation of our market and focused on efficient fixed-price contracting for soil, groundwater and indoor air remediation.  As we gained understanding of the bigger picture and the needs of our customers, we also began to take on a consulting and management role which not only allowed us to be a smart contractor, but at the same time be a hands-on, practical and valuable consultant.

With that said, I’d like to officially welcome you to REPSG blog and invite you to engage with us in whatever way you are most comfortable—email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or by simply picking up the phone. We welcome your comments and look forward to hearing from you!