REPSG Part of Community Revitalization Effort

LaSalle University has its first grocery store in 40 years thanks to Moreland Development. The Shoppes at LaSalle is anchored by a Fresh Grocer and is estimated to provide more than 250 jobs. The project was supported, in part, by the Pennsylvania Fresh Foods Financing Initiative.

Just a decade ago, a national study showed that Philadelphia had the second lowest number of supermarkets per capita of major cities in the United States. Lack of food access was particularly severe in low-income neighborhoods and was linked to high rates of diet-related diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

REPSG is proud to be part of the project team and support our longtime client, Moreland Development. One half of the development team, Eric Seidman, is pictured here. For more information about REPSG’s participation in community redevelopment, brownfields, or for information about grants and funding sources available for brownfields redevelopment and environmental cleanups please contact us at

Local Food Economy Leadership Award

The Local Food Economy Leadership award recognizes Greater Philadelphia’s food system leaders who have successfully leveraged collaborations with other stakeholders to create a more sustainable food system, and have garnered national attention, making this region a leader in local food system efforts.

This award is the first part of a new technical and financial assistance program DVRPC is creating in partnership with the William Penn Foundation. This larger program seeks to build capacity within and expand recognition of Greater Philadelphia’s emerging local food economy.

Jerry Naples, a Principal here at REPSG, accepted this award on behalf of his efforts with Greensgrow’s Philadelphia Project.

Front row: Ann Karlen (Fair Food) and Barry Seymour (DVRPC); Back row: Rachel Millenbach (Weavers Way Community Programs), David Sillers (Weavers Way Community Partnerships), Bob Noble (Weavers Way Cooperative Association), Glenn Bergman (Weavers Way Cooperative Association), John Weidman (The Food Trust), Patty Hasson (Greensgrow Philadelphia Project), Jerry Naples, Jr (REPSG), Miriam Manon (The Food Trust), and the Honorable Edwin (Ted) Erickson, PA State Senate, 26th District, recipient of DVRPC’s 2009 Regional Leader Award.

Read Across America 2009

In March 2009, Suzanne Shourds and Sarah Aicher, employees of REPSG, participated in a Read Across America day at a local community grade school for the second year in a row.

Held at Cornerstone Christian Academy in Southwest Philadelphia, this week-long concluded with in-class readings of Dr. Seuss favorites in honor of the good Dr.’s birthday.

Ms. Aicher read “The Foot Book” to one of the Kindergarten classes, and Ms. Shourds read “The Lorax” to one of the fifth grade classes.

Treatment of Lead Contaminated Soils Using EnviroBlend

Remedial activities designed and conducted by REPSG (specifically, the treatment of lead contaminated soils at the Former ABSCO Scrap Yard in Philadelphia, PA) have been featured in the EnviroBlend Winter 2009 Bulletin.

REPSG conducted and designed remedial activities at the Former ABSCO Scrap Yard project, which made possible the site’s rehabilitation as a mixed-use commercial/residential development. The site was nominated for a Philadelphia Sustainability Award in 2008. Learn more about the site, and the award nomination, here.

Speakman Place Award of Merit

Speakman Place, a new homeownership community located in North East Wilmington, has recently been recognized for its excellence.

In July 2008, this program was recognized by the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) for its excellence in innovation in housing and community development and received the prestigious Award of Merit. Cornerstone West has been notified that Speakman Place is one of 20 projects throughout the country nominated for the coveted Award of Excellence. This is one of the highest accolades that recognizes outstanding innovation and achievement in housing and community development programs throughout the country.

More information regarding Speakman Place, and REPSG’s involvement, is available in our case studies section and on our news page.

To learn more about Speakman Place, please visit Cornerstone West’s website.

Team REPSG Competes in the 2008 Penn Relays

Team REPSG’s Distance Medley Team successfully competed in and completed (for the second time!) the corporate Distance Medley at the 114th Penn Relays.

Adam Rose, a soccer player with no track experience, ran the 1200-meter opening leg of the medley. He bolted from the blocks, taking an early lead, resulting in the announcer calling: “leading through the first turn, in first place REPSG”! At which point the REPSG cheering section went appropriately crazy, and the Channel Ten News Team took notice (please see the video below).

After facing down death during his second lap, Rose rallied through his third and forwarded the baton to Jenny Reynolds who used her uniquely fashioned gait to circumnavigate the oval for the 400-meter, in very long bounding strides.

She finished strong and made a flawless exchange of the baton to Jim Swiniuch, a late (last day) substitute for Jon Buzan. Swiniuch, overcoming all odds ran a steady 800-meter. After his stalwart, workmanlike performance, he yielded the baton to Mark Kuczynski.

Mark showed that he belonged on the field as he set out on pace to bring REPSG – AKA Team Green – to a fine finish. His splits dropped each lap (we threw out that third lap as a courtesy) and he strode his Relay team across the tape with a strong close, resulting in a solid placing on the chart.

All in all, at the World’s largest track and field carnival, the runners performed well and deserve our appreciation and respect.

Well done!

Video goes here

One final Editor’s note, with a relay team comprised of 13% of their workforce Team Green must surely be considered an overwhelming underdog, taking on teams from companies with hundreds of thousands of employees (GE, ATT etc). Beware Goliath, we know where you run!

Philadelphia Sustainability Awards ABSCO Scrapyard

The former Absco scrapyard project, at which remedial activities designed and conducted by REPSG made possible the site’s rehabilitation as a mixed-use commercial/residential development, has been nominated for a Philadelphia Sustainability Award.

The remediation and disposal of over 15,000 tons of contaminated soil from this site in the Old Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia represents a significant milepost in the overall larger push towards land reclamation and smarter urban design in Philadelphia. In a city where contaminated land often poses a barrier to meaningful redevelopment, the ABSCO project exemplifies the integral role that REPSG’s services play in the area’s economic revitalization.

The partners participating in the effort to reclaim this part of Old Kensington were both public and private entities. The Philadelphia Sustainability Award nomination states that: “The project is also a model of public-private partnership, with public financial and legislative support, regulatory flexibility, and community input all guiding a project that will still be financially viable…” What makes these partner’s participation so interesting is the convergence of so many different interests for the purpose of furthering one goal; smart, sustainable development.

For a company such as REPSG, whose business model hinges on development, having successful public participation in this project bodes well. In a climate where there is an increasing demand from local residents, both as public participants and as end consumers, for environmental responsibility and smart growth / sustainable redevelopment projects, such a transparent and publicly supported process is certainly worthy of note and even, as in this case, an award.

REPSG is proud to have had the opportunity to be part of the former Absco scrapyard project. It is projects like this that are renewing the former “Workshop to the World” in a newly sustainable, environmentally responsible way.

For more information on the ABSCO Scrapyard project please visit the EPA Newsletter.

Read Across America

In March 2008, Jenny Reynolds and Suzanne Shourds, Environmental Risk Analysts with REPSG, participated in a Read Across America day at a local community grade school.

The week-long series held at Cornerstone Christian Academy in Southwest Philadelphia concluded with in-class readings of Dr. Seuss favorites. Ms. Reynolds read “Green Eggs and Ham” to one of the first grade classes, and Ms. Shourds read “To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street” to one of the fourth grade classes.

Cleaning Up Oil Spills

In November 2007, Jerry F. Naples, Jr. founder and principal of REPSG spoke to students at Doyle Elementary School in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Mr. Naples gave the students an overview on where an oil spill comes from and how to clean up an oil spill.

View the thank you card that the students from Doyle Elementary sent to Mr. Naples!

Speakman Place Site

On November 2, 2007, the REPSG team took a field trip to the model home of Speakman Place to celebrate the culmination of two years of assessment, design and construction.

Tom Ford of Cornerstone West gave the tour and showed off the design features and upgrades with pride. For the managers and field staff that had been part of the day-to-day operations during construction, the transformation from giant manufacturing building to a modern townhome community was gradual, but still dramatic. For the administrative, financial, drafting and risk management staff it was a chance to see the job that they had been supporting remotely.

Afterwards, REPSG celebrated with Cornerstone West and Ingerman, as well as the general contractors, architect, lenders and City of Wilmington staff that had made the project possible.

To learn more about Speakman Place, please visit their website.

Team REPSG Competes in the Penn Relays

Team REPSG’s Distance Medley Team successfully competed in the corporate Distance Medley at the 112th Penn Relays. Team REPSG’s effort boldly eclipsed all corporate teams with less than 20,000 employees!

Anchored by Missy Ritter, running the 1600 meter leg, Team REPSG delighted the record crowd of 39,943, by fielding a team comprised of three female athletes competing against the male dominated teams of large corporate America.

Team REPSG posted a team best time in running a flawless race. The single male and masters runner, our president Jon Buzan, set the pace for the effort, opening with an impressive finish in the 1200m leg, sending Michelle “Marathon” Flowers off and away with a crafty baton exchange in traffic. Much to the surprise of the crowd, the ever ebullient Flowers bubbled her way to a personal best of 1:15 in the 400m, before yielding the baton to Kristina Cossaboon. Nary an entrant dared block the path of the arm churning, long striding gait of Cossaboon, lest they be dispatched to the synthetic track below.

As the final leg neared, Ritter ignored the legacy of the other, all male 1600m runners, including former scholarship runners from Villanova, Arkansas, TCU and Texas Tech among others. Staying on task, the Team Green anchor, ran consecutively improving splits, finishing stronger than she’d begun. As she crossed the finish line, another great day of athletic competition closed at the world’s largest track and field carnival.

Earlier in the day, the LSU men had run the Distance Medley in 9:41.76. The Corporate Distance Medley winner, XON, posted a winning time of 10:33, breaking the previous years mark.