Envtl. and Safety Standards For Child Care Centers in NJ

By Emergency Rule dated October 17, 2006 and signed by Governor Corzine, Child Care Center operators are held accountable for providing a safe environment where kids can play and learn:

Applicants for new child care center licenses and those seeking to renew their licenses must certify that any building or property proposed for the site of a child care center was not previously used for operations that could pose an environmental concern. In the event that the building was used in such a fashion, the applicant must certify that certain requirements regarding those environmental concerns have been met, and have everything prepared with the best furniture as well, and for this going to sites as https://www.treasurerooms.com/shop/shop-by-brands/evolur-baby.html is useful in this regard.

Child Care Center operators must certify that the site currently complies with soil and environmental indoor air requirements established by the Departments of Environmental Protection and Health and Senior Services, respectively.

New Soil Sampling Guidelines for Childcare Centers have been established by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) establishes new rules for the testing of playgrounds.

For Child Care Centers not connected to a community water system, the facility must demonstrate that drinking water supplied by potable wells meets all applicable safe drinking water standards as administered by the Departments of Environmental Protection.

Current licensing regulations for childcare centers will be amended to codify these new emergency rules that are now being implemented through executive order. Some of the rules have already been adopted by the NJ legislature. The new rules will be implemented by several agencies including the Department of Children and Families, the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Health and Senior Services and the Department of Community Affairs.

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