EPA’s New Lead Renovation, Repair, and Safety Rule

On April 22, 2008, the EPA issued a new rule regarding the use of lead-safe practices, along with other actions, specifically aimed at preventing lead poisoning. on 7/2/2009 (596 reads)

In April 2010, under this rule, any renovations, repair, and/or painting projects – performed by contractors – that disturb lead-based paint in child-care facilities, schools, and homes built before 1978 will need to be certified and follow specific practices in order to prevent contamination from lead. This rule will apply to the following paid renovators/contractors working within the above locations:

  • Renovation contractors;
  • Maintenance workers in multi-family housing; and
  • Painters and other specialty trades.

Between now and April 2010, the EPA is recommending that anyone conducting renovations, repairs, and/or painting projects which disturb lead-based paint in the above specified locations, follow the follow lead-safe practices:

Contractors, firms, and renovators may begin the certification process on October 22, 2009. Renovators need to undergo eight hours of initial training, and must become certified by April 22, 2010. Certified renovators are responsible for training other employees and for overseeing work practices and cleaning in order to maintain compliance with the new rule.

For additional information on the EPA’s new lead rule, please visit their website.