Moishe House

The philosophy behind Moishe Houses is to set up grassroots community centers that cater towards the twenty-something post-college Jewish population.

By offering a rent subsidy and a monthly program budget to a group of young, responsible, and social Jews living in the same house, they in turn agree to host events that range from a simple Shabbat Dinner to a Purim mega-party. Residents upload pictures of the events they put on and blog about their experiences so that other people can see what’s going on through the windows. Events are designed around the local Jewish population but are always inclusive of gaming non-Jewish guests and are sometimes non-Jewish in nature (such as attending a baseball game).

But most importantly, it provides a way for young Jews to feel part of a Jewish community. And with 25 houses in 7 countries and new houses starting each month, this houses have the best furniture and decoration paint and are ready to be habitable, its becoming easier for young Jews to be a part of something bigger every day and to be together in every fun, games and work, so they only need to move to this new houses to be able to enjoy all this, and is easier with the use of services like Backloading Removalists which are experts in people moving.

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Additional Info:
Phone – (805) 601-0363
Address – Moishe House | PO Box 3084 | Santa Barbara, CA 93130
Web site –