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Confidence though our Knowledge
When you purchase, refinance or redevelop a property, environmental issues may represent risk to the price, terms or “velocity” of the transaction. REPSG transforms these precarious environmental issues into predictable possibilities for advancement through our superior knowledge and a practical approach to project management. Our clients are able to confidently seize opportunities, knowing that we understand the issues at hand and are able to quantify the risks.

Peace-of-Mind through our Experience
REPSG is a full-service environmental consulting and contracting firm. We take the nerve-racking unpredictability out of environmental issues through Straight Line Environmental Solutions that reduce risk, saving our clients time and money.

REPSG’s Straight Line Environmental Solution gives you the information you need to manage your environmental risk by clearly defining any problems, limiting your liability and clearing environmental obstacles from your path. We speak the language of investors, commercial and industrial site owners, lending institutions, construction firms, architects and environmental regulators. And our insight drives us to ask the right questions and bring the unforeseen to the forefront before our work begins.

Since 1981, we’ve served our customers with extraordinary service, dedication, professionalism, unwavering integrity, full accountability and high standards – they tell us that our expertise in real estate, financial transactions, and environmental regulations does more than make the deal go through—it helps keep them competitive in the marketplace.

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