Jerry Naples, Jr.

Jerry F. Naples, Jr.










Mr. Naples founded React Environmental Services Inc. and continues to serve as a President and CEO of REPSG. Mr. Naples participates in direct sales, customer consultation and relations and financial matters.

Professional Experience

Over the past twenty-five plus years, Mr. Naples has specialized in brownfields revitalization, working with municipalities, private developers and non-profit organizations in devising and implementing brownfields restoration projects.  He has provided consultation for private firms engaged in mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy matters and all facets of real estate transactions.

Before founding React Environmental Services Inc., Mr. Naples was the managing director of New Jersey operations for New England Pollution Control Company (NEPCCO).  Mr. Naples has  participated in numerous environmental remediation projects, ranging from emergency response events (Chemical Control, Elizabeth, NJ) to UST management programs (Acme Markets system wide, City of Philadelphia Department of Public Property) to extensive groundwater assessment and remediation projects primarily in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Education, Certifications & Specialized Training

  • Mr. Naples received his B.S. in Environmental Conservation along with a B.A. in Political Science from the University of New Hampshire.
  • Licenses for UST/AST removal and installation with the NJDEP, PADEP and DNREC.
  • Active member of industry groups such as National Brownfields Association, Pennsylvania Environmental Council, and the American Railroad Association.

Professional Highlights

  • Engaged by a large Pennsylvania-based oil firm. to assist in negotiations over real estate related environmental liability exposure during its corporate sale to a national, publicly traded firm, helping them to successfully transfer all of its oil terminal properties in an “as is” condition as part of a $120MM stock sale.
  • Consulted on behalf of the creditors’ group in an oil company bankruptcy, attaining regulatory approvals for a clean-up plan which created significant value to the estate.
  • Coordinated and negotiated a plan for due diligence to allow a large steel manufacturing company to successfully close on a two hundred fifty million dollar loan for the Federal Steel Guarantee Loan Board, allowing the company to emerge from bankruptcy.
  • Various work on behalf of creditors, employing similar strategies and techniques to those described above, with distressed real estate assets  in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and others.
  • Serves as chairman of the board on Greensgrow Philadelphia Project, the largest urban farm in the United States situated on a former USEPA Superfund site in Philadelphia

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