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Mr. Mosher heads REPSG’s Phase One Due Diligence Environmental Assessment and Indoor Air Quality Departments. The due diligence assessments performed directly under Mr. Mosher’s management include Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, NEPA Compliance assessments, wetlands delineations and historical records searches. Mr. Mosher also coordinates with REPSG’s in-house environmental sampling services group
and vendor network to provide turn-key quantification, assessment, and abatement of asbestos, lead, and mold and other indoor air concerns.

Professional Experience

Since joining REPSG in 1996, Mr. Mosher has brought more than twenty years’ experience as an environmental professional to REPSG clients.  His experience ranges from site-specific surveys for asbestos and lead-based paint to the management of integrated environmental compliance programs for major metropolitan school districts and housing authorities. During his time with REPSG, he has managed to completion the performance of Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), environmental compliance audits, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) assessments, and other studies at over 1,000 sites throughout the United States.

Education, Certifications & Specialized Training

  • B.A., Beloit College
  • Qualified as an “Environmental Professional” under the USEPA’s All Appropriate Inquiries regulations (40 CFR Part 312)
  • AHERA Certified Asbestos Building Inspector, Management Planner, and Project Designer training
  • Certified Asbestos Investigator, City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health, Air Management Services
  • OSHA “HAZWOPER” 40-hour training and 8-hour refresher;
  • OSHA 8-hour supervisor training
  • Confined Space Entry training.

Professional Highlights

  • Served as a program manager for the triennial asbestos inspection at more than 350 Philadelphia School District facilities, as mandated by the USEPA’s AHERA regulations.
  • Provided technical specifications, quality control, project management, and regulatory representation for removal of asbestos-containing telecommunications conduit from the John Phillip Sousa Bridge in Washington, D.C.
  • Supervised environmental management services during post-fire demolition and site restoration for a historic (circa 1880) maintenance building at a large boarding school in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania.
  • Provided comprehensive environmental management services during the renovation of an economically challenged neighborhood in Bridgeton, NJ. This project was conducted with funding from the Federal Hope VI program.
  • Ongoing environmental consulting services to major telecommunications companies at numerous sites located from Texas through Northern Pennsylvania, requiring close coordination with site development specialists, external legal reviewers and corporate environmental officers.
  • Performed pre-demolition asbestos and lead surveys at a secured government facility at Dover Air Force Base, Dover, Delaware in coordination with on-site military personnel, construction personnel, and the Army Corps of Engineers.

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