Philadelphia Sustainability Awards ABSCO Scrapyard

The former Absco scrapyard project, at which remedial activities designed and conducted by REPSG made possible the site’s rehabilitation as a mixed-use commercial/residential development, has been nominated for a Philadelphia Sustainability Award.

The remediation and disposal of over 15,000 tons of contaminated soil from this site in the Old Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia represents a significant milepost in the overall larger push towards land reclamation and smarter urban design in Philadelphia. In a city where contaminated land often poses a barrier to meaningful redevelopment, the ABSCO project exemplifies the integral role that REPSG’s services play in the area’s economic revitalization.

The partners participating in the effort to reclaim this part of Old Kensington were both public and private entities. The Philadelphia Sustainability Award nomination states that: “The project is also a model of public-private partnership, with public financial and legislative support, regulatory flexibility, and community input all guiding a project that will still be financially viable…” What makes these partner’s participation so interesting is the convergence of so many different interests for the purpose of furthering one goal; smart, sustainable development.

For a company such as REPSG, whose business model hinges on development, having successful public participation in this project bodes well. In a climate where there is an increasing demand from local residents, both as public participants and as end consumers, for environmental responsibility and smart growth / sustainable redevelopment projects, such a transparent and publicly supported process is certainly worthy of note and even, as in this case, an award.

REPSG is proud to have had the opportunity to be part of the former Absco scrapyard project. It is projects like this that are renewing the former “Workshop to the World” in a newly sustainable, environmentally responsible way.

For more information on the ABSCO Scrapyard project please visit the EPA Newsletter.