Sharswood Townhomes: North 22nd Street and Sharswood Streets, Philadelphia

The Sharswood II redevelopment site consists of approximately 70 former individual tax lots located at the 2100-North block of Harlan, Sharswood, Stewart, West Jefferson, Nassau, and Bolton Streets in the Sharswood neighborhood of North Philadelphia.
REPSG performed initial Phase I ESA activities at the Site in September 2003, identifying several areas requiring further investigation, including the presence of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in many of the former structures. REPSG oversaw remediation of the ACMs, and completed a Phase II ESA at the site in December 2004 investigating several areas of suspected soil contamination. Additional activities at the site included an investigation of the possible presence of underground storage tanks at the site (none were found).

Utilizing the results of the Phase II soil investigation, REPSG used fate and transport analysis as well as statistical risk-analysis techniques to characterize environmental risk at the site as presented by levels of contamination identified in site soils. An exposure assessment developed from these investigations was presented as part of the Combined Report. REPSG identified that current site conditions could be made protective by the application of institutional controls, including the use of deed restrictions, and engineering controls such as impermeable caps and the emplacement of layers of clean fill in unpaved portions of the development.

Current Status

The Site is currently in the PADEP Voluntary Cleanup Program. A Combined Remedial Investigation Report and Cleanup Plan for remediation of the site in accordance with the site-specific standard provisions of Pennsylvania Act 2 was submitted for review by REPSG to the PADEP. The Combined Report was approved by the PADEP in September, 2005. The site is currently under-going remediation and redevelopment. Upon completion of site work a Final Report documenting attainment of the site-specific standard will be submitted.

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