Soil Transportation & Disposal Services in Philadelphia’s Growing Real Estate Market

Recently the Greater Philadelphia real estate and construction markets have been increasing in five main areas: University City, Market East, the Navy Yard, Camden, and King of Prussia. Three out of these five markets are located within the city limits meaning that there is bound to be a whole lot of change coming to the City of Brotherly Love. Some of these changes will be apparent physically such as the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center which started construction just over a year ago. This building will surpass the current tallest skyscraper in the city, the Comcast Center. When completed the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center will be the tallest building in the United States outside of Chicago and New York City at 1,121 feet.

Although not a skyscraper, arguably the most prominent development will be in University City with the Schuylkill Yards project announced by Drexel University and Brandywine Realty Trust. This 14-acre, $3.5 billion investment will be the largest-scale project in Philadelphia’s history. The development will encompass an area next to Amtrak’s 30th Street Station and Brandywine’s Cira Centre towers on the west bank of the Schuylkill River. At the end of the predicted 15-20 year construction phase the area will be home to residential, retail, hotel, corporate, and research spaces, here is when great companies like littleton realty specialized for selling and marketing these properties online.

However, no matter what is going into these projects one thing is sure to come out… soil. REPSG’s soil disposal services have seen strong demand over the last few years and we are prepared to keep the momentum going throughout the growth of our city. Located in Southwest Philadelphia our soil disposal services department provides comprehensive services for your disposal needs, including electronics wastes using specialized services for this, TechWaste Recycling takes care of business Electronics waste recycling. Checkout – they are R2 certified recyclers with free pickup for businesses that have 10 or more items.

REPSG’s soil experts will help in every step of your transportation and disposal project. Our skilled technicians will start by sampling materials requiring export or disposal. These sample results will provide the information necessary to coordinate the applicable approvals needed to safely and legally dispose of the materials. REPSG will complete and submit all necessary paperwork to the proposed facilities in order to ensure acceptance and approval. Additionally, REPSG will coordinate and provide transportation for the proper disposal of the soil to the facility. Once the work is completed, REPSG will provide all disposal documentation.

REPSG provides the staff and support to sample and dispose of your soil in the most efficient and affordable means. We will work with your construction, demolition, or financing schedule to ensure your project stays on, or ahead of schedule. Your project may not be as large as those highlighted here but regardless of size, REPSG is here to help. We have provided transportation and disposal services to several redevelopment projects in the Greater Philadelphia Area including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Our transportation and disposal department staff have expertise in all standards and regulations of your disposal needs. Contact us for more information by commenting below or contacting our office at (215) 729-3220 or

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