Speakman Place Site

On November 2, 2007, the REPSG team took a field trip to the model home of Speakman Place to celebrate the culmination of two years of assessment, design and construction.

Tom Ford of Cornerstone West gave the tour and showed off the design features and upgrades with pride. For the managers and field staff that had been part of the day-to-day operations during construction, the transformation from giant manufacturing building to a modern townhome community was gradual, but still dramatic. For the administrative, financial, drafting and risk management staff it was a chance to see the job that they had been supporting remotely.

Afterwards, REPSG celebrated with Cornerstone West and Ingerman, as well as the general contractors, architect, lenders and City of Wilmington staff that had made the project possible.

To learn more about Speakman Place, please visit their website.