The Twins at Frankford Creek, Philadelphia

The site is an assemblage of multiple tax parcels comprising two former city blocks adjoining the Frankford Creek in the Juniata neighborhood. Historic operations at the site were predominately commercial, including automobile repair sites, salvage yards and construction yards.
After reviewing reports of prior environmental investigations at the Site, REPSG prepared a workplan for additional investigation of the subsurface to provide sufficient site characterization information with the objective of demonstrating attainment of an appropriate standard for soil and groundwater as defined in Act 2. The objective of the workplan is to assure that conditions at the site are adequately protective to allow the intended redevelopment of the site as a residential housing development (“Twins at Frankford Creek”). The workplan identified historic fill as one environmental “area of concern” (AOC) as well as several other AOCs where there had been reports of storage tanks and stained soil.

In June 2006, REPSG mobilized to the site and installed over 50 soil borings throughout the 9-acre site and gathered samples from discrete layers of the subsurface down to the depth of the shallow water table. REPSG also installed a network of monitoring wells at the site to investigate groundwater conditions.

These activities have constituted “pre-construction” services allowing OKKS to make informed decisions regarding the design of the future residential development, as well as remedial alternatives. A report of the Site Characterization activities is being prepared by REPSG for submittal to the PADEP in Fall 2006.

Current Status

REPSG completed the first stage of a Site Investigation at the site in June 2006 as per a workplan developed by REPSG for OKKS and the RDA in March 2006.