Shining the light through murky environmental projects.

You Have a Vision…
Maybe it’s a long-neglected brownfields site that could be a thriving retail center. An ecologically compromised industrial property with office park potential. Or, perhaps simply an unneeded piece of real estate with unwanted environmental issues. The point is, you see things that others don’t. So do we. Our clients gain confidence through our knowledge – and peace of mind through our expertise.

…We Bring It into Focus.
REPSG sees the potential in plain. The extraordinary in ordinary. The opportunity in crisis. Our clients are able to confidently seize opportunities knowing that we understand the issues at hand and are able to quantify the risks. They also appreciate our team’s enthusiasm and passion, consistent responsiveness and follow-through on questions and issues.

Come inside to see how our Straight Line Environmental Solutions can help you contain risk, clear obstacles and create opportunity. At REPSG, we take the nerve-racking unpredictability out of environmental issues.